Inspire2gether: Community Wellbeing in Post-pandemic Era
To celebrate University & College YMCA’s 20th Anniversary, the Conference will gather local and overseas youth delegates from different YMCAs to discuss and get inspired on how young people should react to the change in community wellbeing after the pandemic. Through the Conference, we hope to explore the challenges that our communities are facing from the social, psychological and physical perspectives, so that we can tackle them by providing more timely and fresh services to serve the community; and promote community wellbeing, in echo with Vision 2030 adopted by the World YMCA in 2022.
To inspire young people around the world to actively respond to youth societal needs in the post COVID-19 era and contribute to the communities with innovative and creative solutions; and To provide a multicultural platform to facilitate communication and sharing of experiences in responding to improvement of community wellbeing.

Event Location:
Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Cityview & various districts in Hong Kong

Registration Contact:
Nantou YMCA Educational Division 049 2326196